Rules 8-10 Personal goals

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I am suggesting we have 10 rules altogether. This means we can make the other three bespoke and particular to our own needs or situation. I want to emphasise this principle of the bespoke work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. God views us as individuals; we are unique in our gifts and personalities. Although we suffer from the same temptations as others, we do not necessarily have the same weaknesses. The Holy Spirit works in us to make our character conform to the image of Christ in every way.

As an example for you, these are my final three rules:
To be always reading a devotional book or material
To maintain bodily health through exercise, careful diet and avoiding things to the contrary
To practise forgiveness and forgetting; avoiding all self-pity or bitterness

Do spend some time thinking and praying over your particular needs. I would suggest sticking to just three more rules. You may be aware of many more possible rules, but focusing on doing well with ten rules would be an excellent goal. In the future you may want to make substitutions as you feel you are making good progress. So here are a few suggested areas of life in which you might find a rule helpful. They are not in any way exhaustive. Feel free to explore as you wish:

Use of the internet
Valuing silence
Considering sacrifice
Learning contentment
Avoiding bitterness

If you need a daily reminder, you could always make your Rule of Life your home screen on the computer or phone. God bless your endeavours in learning from the Holy Spirit and becoming more like Jesus.

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