Living with MysteryWelcome

Hello, my name is Peter. 

A few years ago, I shared a series of studies during a small group breakfast in a pub. Since then, a number of those folk have been asking me to set up something online to collate those studies and to continue exploring new themes. My family are now also telling me to do the same: I'm complying! 

I have learned that in order to follow Jesus, one has to learn to "live with mystery". Although this creates challenges as we go through life's ups and downs, I have found the bible helps us to unravel these mysteries in the light of the Holy Spirit's inspirations. These mysteries are both eternal and personal: God wishes us to understand more of both.

This site is always evolving. It is not particularly for academics (but respects study). It is not especially theological (but is based on orthodox Christian belief). It is not about any denomination or church (but is based on the historical Christian creeds).

This is a place where lovers of the bible will hopefully find inspiration and some answers. It is a place where lovers of Jesus might find their "hearts burning within" as we search the scriptures together. It is a place to inspire each of us to grasp the mysteries of faith, hope and love.

The bible is a book that can come alive as we explore it diligently, discovering its eternal truths and riches. If you too are hungry to know God through the power of the Holy Spirit, then I hope you enjoy the developing resources here. I hope too that we shall find the bible is not merely an ancient text, but a living gift through which God speaks to us today.

July 2021