In-depth Bible themes

In this section I will include a very detailed look at all kinds of bible themes. There is no particular link between them, except that they do have important applications in Christian living. I will keep adding to this section regularly.

I am not giving various viewpoints or spending time on theological details. I am keen to look for the inspiration in these particular passages and the ways we might apply them to help us move on to maturity. 

I acknowledge that bible passages can prove contentious and that some important ones do have different interpretations. If you would like to look into these there are plenty of Bible Commentaries available to help. My aim is to open up inspiring themes in the scriptures, encourage us to search through the bible more enthusiastically, and find as many ways as we can to apply them practically. The bible was given to make a difference: through loving obedience to its revealed treasures we can shine as lights in this world.

These studies have been produced in a format designed for reading. However, after feedback, I have included an audio file to help those who for whatever reason find long passages of text difficult to read. Of course, you can always listen and follow the text at the same time if you wish. Be inspired!

(the subjects are listed on the side of the screen on laptops, or here below on mobiles: click on each to open it)

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